Home of the US 125 Grand Prix National Championship® and 250 Grand Prix National Championship™
RS Taichi
The official 250GP class sponsor of the USGPRU
1 - MD250H Championship race from Miller
Great interview with Nick McFadden and an awesome race

1 - Pilot 125GP finale at Miller
Jon Schendel interview and Jake Lewis in action at on the Aprilia

1 - Rising Sun Cycle / GPTech Moto3 race from Miller
Erik 'E-diddy' Dadej interview and lots of great Moto3 racing

125 Development in the US
Interview with Spanish tuner, developing 2-strokes in the US

2 Pilot 125GP race at NJMP
Great interview with Crystal followed by some great racing

2 REV'IT! Moriwaki MD250H Powered by HONDA at NJMP
Fogi Racing interview and great spec class racing

2 Rising Sun Cycle / GPTech Moto 3 Race from NJMP
Interviews with racers from Bermuda and great race action

3 - Thunderhill Pilot 125GP race
Great interview with young Peter Lenz followed by some racing!

3. 250GP race at Thunderhill
Interview with Rolleri, Race action, and RSC Commercial at the end

3. RSC/GPTech Moto3 Race at T-Hill
Gerry Signorelli interview and race coverage

4. Moto Liberty / RS-Taichi 250GP at Miller
Interview with the Matthews and some great race footage!

4. Pilot 125GP at Miller
Race action and racer interviews at the best little racetrack in Utah!

4. Rising Sun Cycles/GPTech Moto3 race at Miller
Miller race of the Moto3 class

5. Moto Liberty / RS-Taichi 250GP at NJMP
Interviews with some of the racers and race action at NJMP!

5. Pilot 125GP race action at NJMP Thunderbolt
Race interviews with Veloce Racing riders and on track action.

5. REV'IT! Moriwaki MD250H class Powered by HONDA
Interviews with some of the young MD250H racers at NJMP

NRS 250 teaser video
More tidbits of the new bike get revealed. . .