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Series overview
The USGPRU will continue to run primarily during the weekends organized by the Championship Cup Series (CCS) & American Sportbike Racers Association (ASRA). In addition, some events will be run in conjunction with the AFM, OMRRA, and Utah Superbike Racers roadrace series.

Additional information is available on the FAQ page.

What's Different About the USGPRU Series?

Since it's inception in 2002, the USGPRU is really two series in one. Riders compete for regional championships in two regions across North America (Eastern and Western). Riders earn points by competing in all races in their home region and one additional round outside their home region. These points are carried forward to the US National Championship (held in a different venue each year) in late September or early October. New for 2010, we've further split the series such that the older racers (over 30) can compete against each other for a national championship without the hungry young-guns to compete against.

USGPRU events provide maximum track time for developing young riders. Depending on the host organization, some weekends offer full day practice on Friday and Saturday where riders easily can click off 5 20min sessions each day. Following Sunday morning warm-up a dedicated 15 minute Final Qualifying session is held and the times are used to determine grid position in the main event.

Most USGPRU events are scheduled as the ASRA/CCS weekend's first after lunch event. Near the end of the lunch break, riders form on the grid. This allows the riders an opportunity to meet with members of the press and provide additional exposure for sponsors. Following the one hour lunch break the grid is cleared and riders take a pre-race warm up lap after which riders re-form on the grid and the race is started.

Where possible, USGPRU events are a minimum length of 54km. Longer race length provides better opportunity to develop race craft and experience. Tire choice becomes more important, calculation of fuel load more critical and rider fitness becomes a deciding factor.

Our goal is to provide a direct springboard for talented young (12–18 year old) American and Canadian riders wanting to make the jump to pro racing. With the 125 class extended in WGP to AT LEAST 2015, and the hot new 4-strokes from Moriwaki and Honda, we plan to make the USGPRU the premiere feeder class in North America.